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ShieldShade International was founded in 1998 as an independent solar control film dealer. The company has developed into a professional distributor of window films from multiple renowned brands from USA, South Korea and Japan. We are the exclusive distributor of SunShield® window film products across South-East Asia, as well as, the authorised dealer of Innotech™ and Javaco™.


SunShield® products are acquired from a leading manufacturer of solar control films who develop and manufacture them in USA. They ensure that all products are met with the strictest and highest standards of quality control to ensure that every roll of film is on par with the expectations set by our users.

At ShieldShade International, we strive to provide exceptional service and quality products to our customers, elevating their living environment in terms of safety and comfort.


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Why you should use window films?


UV is an environmental human carcinogen, the most prominent cancer-causing agent in the environment. Research shows that up to 90% of skin cancer is caused by UV radiation.

The human eye is sensitive to all radiation, including UV and IR. Radiation damage to the eyes is cumulative and can lead to cataracts, corneal ulcers, retinal burns and eventually blindness.

Prolonged exposure to furniture, fabrics and paintings can result in fading or a change of colour. Also, plastics in many consumer items will break down or lose strength under UV light.


Solar films are able to prevent greenhouse effects, reducing heat emanated by sun rays by up to 85%.

The need for air-conditioning decreases as the room temperature decreases. This allows you to lessen your energy bills.

Different types of films allow for different levels of visible light transmission, allowing you to reduce glare by up to 90%.


Safety films will help to keep glass fragments intact in case of breakage, avoiding the potential damage of glass fragments scattering upon impact.

The safety film holds the glass together, preventing intruders from being able to enter by breaking glass doors or windows

Tinted films increase privacy by reducing visibility partially or completely to fit the varying demands for privacy. 


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